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4 Creative Ideas for Reusing Your Old Bamboo Toothbrush

Dentists recommendschanging out your toothbrush every 3 months. But instead off just throw away your bamboo toothbrush, you can use them for many other creative needs. Here are four creative ideas for your eco friendly toothbrush.

1. Make It a Cleaning Tool

For cleaning your dishes try to use essential oil soap, bamboo pot scrapper and natural scrubber.

You may have seen military movies and shows involve someone cleaning the floor with a toothbrush. While you may not want to scrub the whole floor with something so small, an old toothbrush is a good option for other cleaning.

It’s small enough to get into the grouting around your bath, into the smaller parts of your sink, and even into the taps and drains. When it can’t clean your teeth, let the brush clean the rest of your home !

2. Make It a Seeding Marker

Remove the bristles and you seeding markets and garden labels. Use a Sharpie or other permanent marker to write on the bamboo and just stick the recycled natural toothbrush into your garden. You’ll never wonder what you have growing where in the garden again.

3. Do Kid’s Art Projects

A natural bamboo toothbrush can make the perfect paintbrush. They offer different patterns and types of streaks to paint over the paper. They’re also much easier to handle by smaller hands than other paintbrushes to make other art projects. Instead of just paper projects, pull out ceramic pots, wooden bird houses, and more to paint with the new and fun paintbrush.

4. Reuse for Your Own Art Work

If you have needle work, sometimes you need to brush up the yarn. An old hairbrush is too harsh but the bristles on a bamboo toothbrush are much softer. Reuse your old brush for your own needle artwork. If you do a lot of clay work, you’ll certainly want to consider adding more texture and this is where your natural toothbrush will come into play. The bristles can be dabbed into the clay to create the markers or can even be used to sweep across sections of the clay.

You don’t need to throw your bamboo toothbrush out because it’s come to the end of its life for its initial purpose. Use it in your craft projects or for cleaning. If all else fails, at least throw it on the compos, as the bamboo will breakdown and offer benefits in other ways.

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